Workshop Intensifying

I as in Intensifying

Getting intense. Being intense. Intense s*xuality, intense emotions.


Workshop IntensifyingIntensifying

How does intensity grow? Do you want it to grow? Can you be intense? Do you like it? Long for it?

Or are you intimitated? By your own intensity, by others’ intensity? What to do when faced with “too much”? How to communicate despite things being overwhelming?

Getting intense, yet controlling it. Loosing control, yet not flipping out. Staying in contact with partners, during s*x, after s*x.

Coming down from an immense sex high. How? How to regulate intensity? Your own? Others’? Is it your place to “regulate” others?

Going back and forth between states of arousal, from zero to immense. Intense. Jumpstart yourself, jump into situations. Allow being jumpstarted by others.

Go for it, together, 100 percent. More. Even more.

Go for it, alone. Get to know yourself, your intensity. Manage your intensity; learn to let it grow, re-kindle the fire, stop the fire. Back down, let space, let grow, give room, give time.

Welcome your partners* intensity. Welcome intensity in general. Physical, emotional.

Getting a grip on emotions – just how? How to talk about it, when highly aroused, maybe triggered, too? Talk at all? Now, during the “act”, the play, the sexual encounter? Or later? Or never?

Feeling you have a choice. (You do! It just needs practice.) So: let’s practice. Intensity. Intense.


I as in Intensifying – let the fire burn!



  • Before getting all intense: Workshop A as in Anfangen (Initiating)
  • Or come to Intensifying again! Hot, hotter, hotter; more & more intense. And how to regulate it, not explode with emotions, lust, feelings.


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