Workshop Initiating

A as in Anfangen. Initiating. Begin. Get started.

Just how to go about it? How do I start? How do I connect? Meet partners, communicate, all that?


Workshop I as InitiatingStart, begin, initiate!

… just how, oh how?

Ah, sex! Finally! So so good! Only: How do you get there? Where do you meet partners, how do you connect with them? Say Hi? Be open and daring rather than shy? How to step out of your comfort zone? How to risk the risk of rejection?

Isn’t it better to lean back and wait? For somebody to come along? For an option, a person, a space, a miracle?

Initiate. Stop longing, start acting.

Come on: DIY! Do it yourself. Be active rather than passive – take it into your own hands. Stop waiting and depending on others for fulfillment. It’s as simple as that.

Yet most of us have learnt – and this bugger capitalist society enforces it – that somebody else is the provider, giving us what we want & need & desire. That we don’t have a choice but to hope and wait, finally consume. Take only what others made for us & thought/ decided is best.

Let’s unlearn. Let’s re-learn. Let’s step back from consuming, let’s create together.

New options – your very own options. Let’s explore: What do you want? Do you actually know? Are you good at voicing your desires? At communicating them to potential partners? (And where do find partners, anyway? Apart from in this workshop:-?)

How do you make the first step? Say Hi? Say more than just “hi!”? Especially when facing this oh so hot person you absolutely want to get laid by?


We’ll figure it out – at least we’ll try!


A as in Anfangen. Initiating. Beginning. Getting started.


After having started succesfully:
  • Follow-up workshop I as in Intensifying
  • Or come to Anfangen again! Re-start, re-kindle, re-fire. Begin. Again & again. All over. Each time anew.


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