Workshop Initiating

I as in Initiating

Just how to go about it? How do I start? How do I connect? Meet partners, communicate, all that?


Workshop I as InitiatingSaturday, 14. May 2022 (ticket link coming soon)



… just how, oh how?

Ah, sex! Finally! So so good! Only: How do you get there? Where do you meet partners, how do you connect with them? Say Hi? Be open and daring rather than shy? How to step out of your comfort zone? How to risk the risk of rejection?

Isn’t it better to lean back and wait? For somebody to come along? For an option, a person, a space, a miracle?


Stop longing, start acting. Come on: DIY! Do it yourself. Be active rather than passive – take it into your own hands. Stop waiting and depending on others for fulfillment. It’s as simple as that.

Yet most of us have learnt – and this bugger capitalist society enforces it – that somebody else is the provider, giving us what we want & need & desire. That we don’t have a choice but to hope and wait, finally consume. Take only what others made for us & thought/ decided is best.

Let’s unlearn.

Let’s re-learn. Let’s step back from consuming, let’s create together. New options – your very own options. Let’s explore: What do you want? Do you actually know? Are you good at voicing your desires? At communicating them to potential partners? (And where do find partners, anyway? Apart from in this workshop:-?)

How do you make the first step? Say Hi? Say more than just “hi!”? Especially when facing this oh so hot person you absolutely want to get laid by?


We’ll figure it out – at least we’ll try!


I as in Initiating. Getting started.

Workshop in German is called “A as in Anfangen”. Workshop open for FLINT*++


When & Where:

Saturday, 14. May 2022 (ticket link coming soon)


Admission 2-2.30pm – if you’re running late, please let me know, ph. +49 (0)177 871 9895, to ensure your admission



Club Culture Houze, Görlitzer Str. 71, 10997 Berlin-Kreuzberg


Registration/ Tickets:

Please register to ensure your spot. Ticket link coming soon, please check back. You’re welcome to reserve your spot by writing me; I’ll let  you know as soon as tickets are available for sale.



Follow up workshop I as in Intensifying


On Tour:

Want The ABC of S.E.X. to come to you, your city, community? Write me for details.



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The ABC of S.E.X.

Workshop series from A to Z: from A as in Anfangen (getting started) to Z as in Zeit (time)

Current dates:

And in-between, once a month: FLI*T*chen party 

Continously, online, for all of you who speak German: Buchstabe für Buchstabe durch das Alphabet: Fragen zu Sex beantwortet

Mehr Videos, Inspiration, Forderung, Förderung: hemmungslosenleben-Gruppe

The ABC of S.E.X.

The ABC of S.E.X. workshops focus on enabling: enabling yourself to take care of what you want, need, desire. Your sexuality - you own it! Enjoy.


How to go about this, how to start (or continue) this process of DIY, do it yourself, rather than waiting for somebody else to provide for you ... this is what you'll learn in the workshops.

The workshops are:

Hands-on: practice, explore, stop & go, take rests as needed, continue - find your own timing
What to keep in mind to create a great experience for everyone involved, when going through the alphabet like that?
What does your body need to know? Techniques, tactics, no-go’s, yes-please’s, communication, exchange ...
How best to talk about lust, pleasure, desire?
Last but not least: feeling shy, inhibited, blocked - now what?

Individual requests for knowledge boosts very much welcome: please hand in your questions beforehand per mail, or at the bar (also anonymously), or simply ask them out aloud during the workshop.

Most workshops: Maximum of 8 participants to ensure time and space and individual attention - attention for your very individual process of un-learning and re-learning. S*xual patterns, sexuality - yourself, ultimately. Re-define, grow, explore.

Currently the workshops take place once or twice a month in Berlin. If you want them to go on tour, come to where you live: write me!

All workshops for FLINT*, if not stated otherwise. What "FLINT*" means: see my video (German only, at the moment), under Videos: Fragen zu Sex beantwortet

    ABC graphic by Theresa Pudenda. All photos, other design & workshop series itself by Joey Juschka

    A as in Alltag

    What to do AFTER workshops where you are guided? Back to Alltag: every day life – keep it sex+!

    B as in Body

    Body. Bodies. Your body, your partner(s)*. Bodies in sex. Body awareness. Stay present, connect!

    C as in Cruising

    Strolling about in dedicated spaces, deliberately seeking each other out for casual sex - cruising for FLINTA*!

    D as in Dancing

    Lapdance, striptease, or just plain old dancing to flirt, connect, have s*x fun & a great time. Dance ...

    F as in FLI*T*chen

    Be a Flittchen, play the slut, enjoy! Not a workshop but a party, as simple as that.

    I as in Initiating

    Just how to go about it? How do I start? How do I connect? Meet partners, communicate, all that?

    I as in Intensifying

    Getting intense. Being intense. Intense s*xuality, intense emotions. Let the fire burn yet stay safe.

    ON TOUR!

    The ABC of S.E.X. on tour. Coming to your city, your club, your retreat. To you. How? Write me!

    ABC - XYZ

    ... your turn! Which letter is missing, which topic would you like to have a workshop about? Tell me, send in your suggestions!