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F as in Flirting

🔥 Too shy? Not daring enough? Nobody wants you anyway? 🔥 Re-learn FLIRTING 🔥 Put that flirty energy back into your life 🔥


Flirten lernen!Flirting!



🔥 Flirting: Are you stuck? Dont’t know how to start? Where are blocked, and slowing yourself down with old stories of failure, or being too much, or being too shy, too this or too that? That’s where we’re going: getting rid of those unsexy beliefs! Yet we flirt with depth; this is not a pick-up seminar. Rather, we’ll look at different aspects of flirting, from timing to spacing to rhythm to pacing to laughing and being cool, to awarenss and energy – and we’ll get busy right away, to practice.

Let’s put the sparkle back in your flirt, in your life! Learn “tools” of flirting – without it feeling like “tools”.

🔥 Flirting ist als spontaneity. And daring: daring to make the first move, the second, the third; to get all flirty with somebody you adore and want. We’ll look into trusting yourself as well: to read signals correctly, to send signals out in a respectful, yet sexy manner. All that minus the pressure to succeed – because, honestly: what’s that ever-present “picking somebody up succesfully” and “getting into her*his pants” anyway? Quite often that’s the focus of flirting courses – but not today. 🔥 Today we re-discover the simple joy of daring, of flirting, of going all ot, and we’ll try to expand that super duper flirty lust energy into the “rest” of our lifes. 🔥 Happy learning!

🔥 For whom?

For people who find flirting difficult, who are shy, or who simply want to have a more beautiful flirting energy in life.

🔥 Couples:

The workshop takes place 2x in a day – for couples and other constellations in which the desire has fallen asleep and who now want to get back into flirting with each other: please book the workshop separately, each person on a different date. Take space for yourselves before turning back to your partners, with new openness, honesty, flirting courage.


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