Workshop C wie Cruising

C as in Crusing

Learning the game of hooking up for quick sex, or: from flirt to encounter & consensual play


C wie CruisingCruising!


To cruise:

Strolling about in dedicated spaces, deliberately seeking them and each other out, wanting to meet one another for a quickie, on public loos, in parks – that’s how cruising used to be, how it’s defined.

Our cis gay brothers are quite good at it, and used to it, too. They’ve got online dating platforms for hook ups, and plenty of clubs with dark rooms in them. They learned how to cruise back then, when gay sex was punishable, and coming out meant nothing but problems. That put aside – now is the time for us women, dykes, us FLINT*s, to cruise, too.

Learning to cruise

Time to learn and adopt, to talk sex and have sex, pick each other up without apology and no strings attached. No if’s and but’s and way too much small talk, being social & such – just plain straightforward cruising.

Only: How? How does it work? How do we flirt, and how do we turn a flirt into quick sex in the bushes, at home, in a club? How do we turn each other on successfully, pick each other up? And what to do with by-standers, with unwanted attention, with people wanting to join all of a sudden? With perceived unsafe surroundings when cruising in public parks or the like?

Oh so many cruising questions

And do you really end up in the bushes with someone every single time? Do you have to? How far do you have to go to be considered a β€œreal” cruiser?

How about building community? Meet every ones expectations, set rules, set standards? Or don’t set rules? Go free fall?

πŸ”₯ C as in Crusing – soo loking forward to it

Cruising lernen im SeminarπŸ”₯ WE are looking forward to the workshop. Me & Co-Cruiser Maja Buhmann.

Depending on how many particpants there are in the workshop, we will co-teach, so as to ensure that there’s room, space, time for ervery one’s indivudual questions, needs, and learning curve.πŸ”₯

Photo Maja Buhmann by film maker Toni Karat, from Toni’s current project NARCISSISM, in which Maja features among others, and which is the opening movie of the 2022 edition of PornFilmFestival Berlin.

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Beyond the workshop:

Podcast about Cruising:

Maja Buhmann and me were invited to talk about nothing but cruising for one hour, by the “kitschig & glitschig” podcast whose recurring topic is lesbian sex.

Listen to it (in German):

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Cruising documentary:

reporter approached me re cruising, too, including a short visit in one of my workshops C as in Cruising

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Cruising Community
A telegram group – feel free to join; you’ll find more info about FLINT* cruising in Berlin: events, exchange – and of course cruising dates, too πŸ™‚


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** How best to talk about lust, pleasure, desire?
** Last but not least: feeling shy, inhibited, blocked - now what?

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