Workshop: Your Body (in sex)

B as in Body

Body. Bodies. Körper. Your body, your partner(s)*. Bodies in sex. Body awareness. Stay present, connect!


Workshop: Your Body (in sex)Body. Körper.

Get out of your head! Into your body! Easy? Or not? How hard is it for you to stay in the Here and Now? During sex, before sex, when wanting to get all flirty, to connect, to open up? Are your thoughts racing, or are you calm? Do you wish for more calmness when flirting? When approaching other people? If so: How do you go about it?

And what to do when maybe you are all fine, but your partner(s) is/ are not? When their thoughts are racing, when they are all worried, about things that most likely have nothing to do with what you are doing right now? How to pull people back into the present moment?

Körper. Bodies. Your body, your partner(s)*. Body awareness.

How to train awareness, how to keep it? How to use your body, your breath, yourself, your physical being to stay connected to yourself, to others? And how to help others to follow you into presence rather than worry? What can you do, in very practical terms? Are there excercises? Exercises that don’t feel like “excercises”, but more like fun? Like joy, like life? Like lust?

Lust for life rather than go for the worry. And use your body as the gateway. How: we’ll figure it out, together, individually. Let’s go!

The workshop is for people who worry a lot, and also for people who want other people to worry less:  facilitators, trainers, teachers, sex positive community leaders and followers.

And it’s for you: this person who just wants to learn for her*himself.

Learning to learn, learning how to teach learning, how to guide other people out of their worry heads, into their body. Guide yourself, and stay with yourself, despite. Despite all the worry, all the possibilities for things to go “wrong”. Stay, love, lust, continue. In your body, in your awareness.


B as in Body!


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