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A as in Alltag

How to get out of routine in sex? What to do AFTER workshops where you are guided? Back to Alltag: every day life – keep it sex+


Every day life - keep it sexy!Alltag. Routine.

Every day life. The life outside workshops, outside sexpositive events. In workshops you learn, you explore, somebody guides you, gives you ideas, instructions, helps you when you get stuck. Then the workshop is over: and now? How do you take the workshop into your life? How do you keep exploring, on your own? Without instructions and somebody to turn to, to encourage you, to cheer you on?

Establishing a sexpositive culture for your everyday life. Creating help and support, gathering willing co-explorers in your Alltag. Changing your Alltag, based on what you learn in workshops. Being sex positive without a safe space, without an awareness team, without the blinking lights of sex clubs, high energy music, party athmosphere.

What do you need to feel sexy? To be sex, live sex, live lust? Integrate? What is ist about safe spaces, clubs, partys that you love? How do you bring it into your 9 to 5? Into your private life? Frames – do you know how to set them? Space – do you know how to hold it? Space to explore, to welcome, to open up?

And self responsibility: you are responsible for your (sex) life. For “having” what’s “given” to you in workhops and seminars. Have you started already, taking care of your life? And putting yourself first – how easy is that for you?

Initiating, being active rather than passive. Stopping to wait, un-depending on others for fulfillment… it’s as simple as that. Yet most of us have learnt – and this bugger capitalist society enforces it – that somebody else is the provider, giving us what we want & need & desire. That we don’t have a choice but to hope and wait, finally consume. Take only what others made for us & thought/ decided is best.

So let’s unlearn! Let’s re-learn. Let’s start: creating what you want, need, desire on your own. DIY. Going outside, leaving custom-made spaces. Re-creating them elsewhere if you wish. In your Alltag, in the big wide world. Taking what you learned in workshops, seminars, safe spaces – and then…. ?!


A as in Alltag


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