Gute Nackt Party

G as in Gute Nackt

New party every 3 months, on Saturday afternoons, on Sunday evenings – have a good night/ naked



👕👗👠 Gute Nackt! Good night/ naked! 🧢🕶👢


❤️ Yes, we run this party on Saturday afternoons, when it’s probably sunny outside, or on Sunday evenings, when it’s also not yet time for good night & going to sleep.

But going to sleep isn’t the point of this party, after all. ❤️

And being naked: That’s only for the  starter, when you arrive and we greet you with:

We let you keep one sexy piece of clothing on!

👠 But only one piece. 👢

👗👠 The rest of your clothes you’ll have to hand over to us, and earn them back, piece by piece. 🕶👢

👕👗👠 Earning back your clothes works like this: __ (It’s a secret! Come on over! It’ll be great!) 🧢🕶👢

And in the meantime, before you’ve earned all your clothes back: well, party! A good one: Good naked/ good night party – come on over!


When & where:

Saturday, 9.7.2022, 2-7pm

Sunday, 30.10.2022, 7pm until … well, untill we’re all dressed again!

The earlier you come, the more mischievous our challenges for getting your clothes back. (Or gentler, depending on what you’re into. After all, we don’t want to intimidate you, we just want you naked!)

Location: Club Culture Houze, Görlitzer Str. 71, 10997 Berlin

Admission: 14 €, plus 6 € drink ticket 

For whom?

9.7.2022: ❤️ This date we’ll keep it FLINT* only: Frauen*Lesben*Inter*Nichtbinär*Trans*

30.10.20022: ❤️ Open to all. ❤️ Because we want to try it: mix and open up, go beyond labels, and welcome everyone who feels like they want to come. ❤️ So we open up: a FLINT* based party to include whoever fits the mood, the party – and not a label. ❤️

More on FLINT*, and opening up, and to whom: For whom? 

Welcome 👕👗👠 Gute Nackt! 🧢🕶👢


Being naked:

Being naked seems to be kind of hard for many women*, lesbians, inter, trans*, non-binary, in fact: all people. Why, actually? We are all naked, “we’re all born naked, the rest is drag” (Diane Torr, Drag King & performance artist). So off with your clothes – and then back on!

👕👗👠 Your clothes, that one piece you get to keep in the beginning: your choice! Feel free to wrap a feather boa around your legs, or bring your favorite leather harness. Or boxer shorts, or a button down-shirt, or a hat and a tie and nothing else – as you like. Welcome! 🧢🕶👢


Gute Nackt is one of three partys to celebrate lust, and extension of the workshop series The ABC of S.E.X.

The ABC of S.E.X.

Workshop series from A to Z: A as in Alltag, B as in Body, C as in Cruising, D as in Dancing, I Initiating and I Intensifying ...

Current dates:

Anytime, online, for all of you who speak German and seek continous inspiration, exchange: join my Raum für Lust schaffen-group

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More workshops/ book The ABC of S.E.X.:

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The ABC of S.E.X.

Take care of what you want, need, desire. Your sexuality - you own it!

How to go about this, how to start (or continue) being self responsible, this process of creating yourself rather than waiting for somebody else to provide for you ... this is what you'll learn in the workshops.

For tickets see the individual workshops, or visit the centralized ticket shop.


The workshops are:

* Hands-on: practice, explore, stop & go, take rests as needed, continue - find your own timing
** What to keep in mind to create a great experience for everyone involved, when going through the alphabet like that?
** What does your body need to know? Techniques, tactics, no-go’s, yes-please’s, communication, exchange ...
** How best to talk about lust, pleasure, desire?
** Last but not least: feeling shy, inhibited, blocked - now what?

Individual requests for knowledge boosts very much welcome: please hand in your questions beforehand per mail, at the workshop itself (also anonymously), or simply ask them out aloud during the workshop.

Most workshops: Maximum of 6 participants to ensure time and space and individual attention - attention for your very individual process of un-learning and re-learning. S*xual patterns, sexuality - yourself, ultimately. Re-define, grow, explore.

Currently the workshops take place in Berlin, mostly. If you want them to go on tour to where you live: write me!

All workshops for FLINT*, if not stated otherwise. What "FLINT*" means: please see my video (in German) under Dein erstes Mal...? - Wie, wo, was, wann per Video erklärt

Current A to Z topics & workshops:

A as in Alltag

Alltag: Routine. Every day life. How to be & keep being sexual outside of workshops? You'll learn first steps - in this workshop 🙂

B as in Body

Body. Bodies. Your body, your partner(s)*. Bodies in sex. Body awareness. Stay present, connect!

C as in Cruising

Strolling about in dedicated spaces, deliberately seeking each other out for casual sex - cruising for FLINTA*!

D as in Dancing

Lapdance, striptease, or just plain old dancing to flirt, connect, have s*x fun & a great time. Dance! Like a pro!

F as in FLI*T*chen

Be a Flittchen, play the slut, enjoy! Not a workshop but a party, as simple as that.

G as in Gute Nackt

Good Night, good Naked - Gute Nackt! Party every 3 months, come and be good and naked with us!

I as in Initiating

Initiating (anfangen!) - getting started; begin. Just how to go about it? How do you do the first step? Connect? Meet people, communicate, keep going?

I as in Intensifying

Getting intense. Being intense. Intense s*xuality, intense emotions. Let the fire burn yet stay safe.

S as in Schöner Ficken

Schöner Ficken on Saturday afternoons and Sunday evenings. Every 3 months, come along!

On tour

Want The ABC of S.E.X. on tour? In your circle, city, club, community? Write me.


... your turn! Which letter is missing, which topic would you like to have a workshop about? Send in your suggestions.