(Queer) Feminist Films of Desire & Talks & Party


ForteForteOut of the archives, onto the screen!

We went on a search and found new old forgotten exciting treasures. Realized absent ones that we will find elsewehere and show at the new film series, too.

We invite women*, trans, nonbinary and intersex people to an inspiring shared viewing experience, where we want to let the images work, learn more about desire, production conditions and motivations. From the filmmakers and producers.

Queer Feminist Films of Desire


While we show the film(s) in the film room, the rest of the club is open for all you sexy FLINTA* people to lounge, play, party, enjoy yourself in all the play areas.


When & Where:

Sunday, 23. April 2023: ForteForte Pirate Edition – film & party!

Pirate Porn Party
Sunday, 23. April, starting 7pm

Club Culture Houze, Görlitzer Str. 71, 10997 Berlin

We have found a 30 year old lesbian pirate film for you – maybe the very first lesbian pirate film ever. Wind! Sails! Ships! Drama! Treasure! Pirate women! Sword fights! Love! Passion!

“Herzblut” by Alex Hai
b/w, 33min, from 1982

We take this as an opportunity not only to show film, but to party.

ForteForte goes Pirate!

  • Film screening
  • Talk
  • Party

Outfit a must. Outfit mutineers will be put on the pole and flogged. Please report willing floggers to the bar. Please note: Anyone who refuses to wear an outfit only to end up on the pole will NOT be whipped.

Admission: 15 € , plus 7 € minimum drink consumption, incl. nibbles. Cash only.

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6. May 2023, 2-7pm
„Mommy is Coming“

(2012; Engl. with German subtitles). Various guests from the movie.

24. June 2023, 2-7pm
„too bougie to handle“

The new TVWOW series by Monika Freinberger. Guest: director and actor Monika Freinberger + team

2. September 2023, 2-7pm

Because it was so nice, we will show you a surprise film today and want to discuss it with you…We organisers will be guests, and we have already invited other exciting people.

4. November 2023, 2-7pm

… and onwards in 2024, details to be announced


Doors open: 2-3pm
Film Starts: 3pm
Second Entrance: 4-4:30pm

Admission: 15 € , plus 7 € minimum drink consumption, incl. nibbles. Cash only.


Location: Club Culture Houze, Görlitzer Str. 71, 10997 Berlin


Club Culture Houze is one of the few sexclubs in Berlin run by a women*, and in existance for more then 20 years, with FLINT-Events every Saturday – well equipped also for ForteForte encounters before, after, or during the movies.

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Welcome ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ForteForte!


A cooperation of Joey Juschka, Marlene Pardeller, Club Culture Houze and Schwules* Museum.


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