Celebrate: Lust Partys & Film Screenings

More than just sex – it’s about LUST


Come be a Flittchen, celebrate a 5-hour honeymoon with us!


Feminist Films of Desire out of the archives, onto the screen: Films & Talk.


Gute Nackt

Good night/ good naked. Off with your clothes. earn them back piece by piece.

More than just sex – it’s about LUST!

When & where:

The events take place at Club Culture Houze in Berlin: FLI*T*chen and ForteForte once a month, Gute Nackt once every 3 months. For exact dates & more infos click on the partys, or follow me on facebook.

For whom:

These partys are for FLINT*/ or for FLINT* & friends, depending on party/ date: Frauen*(women)*Lesbian*Inter*Non-binary*Trans* people. Sometimes plus lust friends: open, respectful people, carefully selected, so as to fit in the party, and make it great for everyone. We want to party not separated according to labels, but united by lust.

We’re no fans of labels, and people in categories. Yet it needs safe spaces, and in our experience when you open partys up for everyone, especially sexpositive events, cis men stream in and claim most of the space and don’t want to understand that the dykes having sex there don’t want to have it with them (for example).

It’s a clichee, yet still true at times, unfortunately. Therefore the partys are for FLINT* only, as a basis – with exceptions, decided upon case by case, with each person anew, each night anew at the door. What will make the party better today, make it great? Which mixture of people is the right one for tonight? We’ll see – and open up accordingly.


If you haven’t been to a sex party before: have a look at my video Mein erstes Mal Sexparty (in German). Or just come along and try it out – nobody will drag you off into dark corners (unless you want to); and you will survive. Even have fun!

It’s more about lust than “just” sex anyway. Lust is so much more inclusive: just being in a room full of adventurous people, seeking pleasure; experience the atmosphere, smell the heat, listen to the moans around you, or the clink of glasses at the bar, feel the red light on your skin and the shadows left and right on your way to the loo, and is this a cage to your left? Ah, so many options! Lust! Come & experience:


What’s lust for you?